Faith vs Finance


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Do you want to run a discussion group or seminar on Faith vs Finance where people are just busting to share their experiences and ideas?!

3 Easy Steps to Success!

  1. Download … Go to the PDF and right-click "Save Link As..."
  2. Print …
  3. Start talking!

Simply …

  1. DOWNLOAD and PLAY the short intro video for the next chapter/s you want to discuss.
    To download the video, go to the video icon and right-click "Save Link As..."
  2. PRINT and hand out the matching Discussion Sheet, and

Important: Make sure you have already printed the Discussion Sheet for the chapter to be discussed at the NEXT SESSION so that you can hand the sheets out at the end of this session. Members can then read the relevant chapters and complete the sheet prior to the next session.

** There are lots of discussion topics below so feel free to pick and choose the chapters which are most applicable to your discussion group members.

Please contact us by email if you need any further assistance.

Chapter No./s

Chapter Title


Discussion Sheet 
Book Trailer

The Backstory

Chapter 1&2:
Skipping Stones and Living the Half Life

Chapter 6:
The 1% Club
Chapter 8:
Beyond the 15th Hole
Chapter 9:
Door Stops
Chapter 14:
Tie Me to the Mast
Chapter 16:
Totally Nuts
Chapter 18&19:
The Christian Athiest
Chapter 27:
Left Hand Right Hand
Chapter 28:
Dangerous Desires
Chapter 29:
Pornography for Capitalists
Chapter 31-32:
Manure in My Wallet and Sky Banking (1 worksheet but 2 videos)
Chapter 34&35:
Send It On Ahead and Bruised Camels
Chapter 36&39:
Sacrifice Vultures and The Rich Young Ruler
Chapter 37-38:
The Teresa/Gekko Scale and The Road Toward Poverty
Chapter 40-41:
Help! I’ve Got Kids Too! and Passing It On, Or Not
Chapter 44,45&46:
Heart Attack!